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Imagine being based within a community designed to support you, with access to industry leaders, mentoring, advice, workspaces, an esports arena and innovation labs

This is Gametech365, a unique community designed to take start-up and scaleup game studios to the next level

Members get access to the Gametech365 Campus facilities at MediaCity 24/7 365 days a year - flexible workspaces, meeting rooms, the Vodafone Edge Innovation Lab, an esports arena and equipment library, and that’s just for starters.

At the campus, you’ll be offered mentoring and be introduced to industry insiders to guide you through your next steps. There are legal and financial experts, UX, technical and marketing specialists, beta testers and much more. With networking and industry events, you’ll be able to find new market opportunities, build commercial relationships, learn how to present your product, and access finance.

This isn’t just about helping you get your technology and software market-ready, it’s about securing the foundations of your company to prepare it for growth.

If gametech isn’t already part of your business model, it soon will be.

Gamification will be embedded across all sectors as a means to engage internally and externally. It’s why by 2030, it’s a sector set to be worth $96.3bn.

Gametech365 is your opportunity to explore how to use this cutting edge technology within your organisation.

A unique community of the newest, most innovative gaming studios, offering commercial applications and solutions. Based at the Gametech Campus at MediaCity, our companies have access to industry-leading innovation labs, UX experts, beta testing and quality assurance. That means the potential risks of working with small start-ups and scale-ups is mitigated by oversight from industry veterans and technological support.

As a business you’ll get high-end, commercially-orientated solutions from a brilliantly creative cluster, which can work individually or as a hive depending on your requirements. It means gaming technology from AI to VR, Unreal to NFTs, are now affordable options to organisations of all sizes.

It’s a win-win.

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